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The 2023 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

2023 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

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MGI is pleased to share the results of our 2023 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report. This 15th edition highlights the strategies and tactics that have produced powerful rebounds in association membership results.

The data we gathered helps to answer critical questions like:

  • What is the trend in membership counts by association type?
  • How much did membership marketing budgets increase?
  • What are the most common association office settings?
  • Which products and services are driving member participation?
  • How many associations are raising membership dues?
  • What renewal rates did individual and trade associations see this past year?
  • How have conference attendance registrations improved?

Download your free copy now and learn from the insights shared by over 800 professional and trade associations on the best practices in membership marketing.

About MGI

Marketing General Incorporated is the nation’s largest marketing agency working exclusively with membership associations. For 45 years, MGI has helped hundreds of associations and relationship-based organizations increase their membership, attendees, and certification numbers; improve retention; enhance member engagement; grow dues and non-dues revenue; and gain new insights through market research and analysis.

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